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“Building Adults”:

Developing Life-Skills At-Home & Beyond

Good Parenting can, God-willing,  help our children to become healthy, independent adults, with good life-long behaviours and social skills.

Most Counsellors, Psychologists & Psychiatrists say that many relationship and/or behavioural social skills issues individuals have in adult-life, have roots that emmenate from childhood events and problems.So childhood matters go on way beyond the early years into adulthood.

So giving your child a good childhood, by being a better parent is probably one of the best investments you can make in their futures.


Obviously, we cannot control all events and circumstances, but that doesn’t stop us from investing in our children’s and/or young-adults futures, by better understanding our role as parents and fulfilling that to the best of our ability.

The dictionary definition of an investment is:


“An outlay in the present, to reap future benefit”.

Regarding parenting, TIME is perhaps a bigger investment than money in this regard. Time to get trained as parents (at various Ages & Stages); time spent with our children and/or young adults; time we can never replace.

So why not invest in your kids’ futures and let Hope Parenting™ help you maximise their futures.It would be a joy and pleasure to see you blossom as parents and your kids do the same on there life-long journeys!



Parenting - Basic:

Ages & Stages

On the Baby-Child–Adult Developmental Journey there are significant points /milestones. It is helpful to get good Parent-Training & Support at each of these different Ages & Stages.

Parenting - Bespoke:

Additional/Special Needs

Some Families  have particularly challenging circumstances to cope and/or deal with. In these situations it is particularly helpful to get Specialist Parenting/Guardian Training & Support.

Secure Characters:


Healthy attachments between children and their parents have been shown to be key to their sense of security and well-being during both childhood and beyond into adulthood. These can start very early with Mum and Baby and then progressively through early-childhood with Mum & Dad and/or Significant Other Persons (SOPs).



Learning and practicing how to recognise and control both your Child/Young-Person’s and your own Parent/Guardian’s Emotions can greatly help Family Relations and aid harmony in the home and elsewhere.

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