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“Good Parenting requires more than intellect. It touches the dimension of the personality that’s been ignored in much of the advice dispensed to parents over the past thirty years. Good parenting involves emotion”. Gottman, 1997 pg. 20. Gottman, J and DeClaire J (1997) The Heart of Parenting. Bloomsbury.

The parent-child connection: “With emotionally responsive parenting vital connections will form in his brain, enabling him to cope well with stress in later life; form fulfilling relationships; manage anger well; be kind and compassionate; have the will and motivation to follow his ambition and his dreams; experience the deepest calm; and be able to love intimately and in peace”. Sunderland, M (2007) pg. 22.




Great Book(s):

“The Heart of Parenting”,

Gottman, J and DeClaire J (1997)Bloomsbury.

“What Every Parent Needs To Know”,

Sunderland, M (2007) Dorling Kindersley Limited


Interesting Article(s):

“Whole Brain Child: How To Raise One”

By Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne, Bryson

Interesting Stuff:

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