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 Hope Parenting™

   Hope & Help For Parents & Families


The Parenting Job Description:

 … Building Healthy Adults!

Hope Parenting™ is a Parenting & Family Support services business with a variety of offerings to help support parents, grand-parents and families. In  particular, Parenting Training and Emotion Coaching.

Principal Parenting Practitioner and Managing Associate, Helen Ryder has c 15-20-years of training and experience at in the field of Parenting & Family Support. This is in parallel with her qualifications in Psychology & Child Development, Emotion Coaching, Counselling and Adult Learning & Training. She also has her own personal experience as a Mum/Parent/Grand-Parent too.

As and/or when required, Associates bring complementary training and experience to the Hope Parenting Offerings. It is often helpful to have such support from an experienced third-party to help provide Parents and Family-Members with a wider, independent perspective, as well as additional skills for probably the toughest job we will ever have in life – i.e. “raising children and helping to build and adults”.

If you, your family or your organisation feel you might benefit from such assistance, please feel free to make contact and have a no-obligations confidential chat to discuss requirements and/or options.

Group Courses & One-2-One/Two

Support is provided in the following ways: