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Time-Out For Parents (Various Ages/Stages & Special Needs)

Time Out for Parents; Time-Out for Early-Years; Time Out for Juniors; Time-Out for Teenagers; Time-Out from Special Needs; Time-Out from ASD; Time-Out from ADHD.

Hope Parenting Courses

Here is a selection of courses offered by Hope-Parenting:

[N.B. Other Specialist and/or Bespoke Courses Also Available.]

Webster-Stratton (Behaviour Management)

This is designed to strengthen parenting skills, prevent and treat behavioural problems in children ages 3 to 8 years and also for children aged 8 - 12 years. Each course is delivered over 12 x 2 hour sessions.

 N.B. H.Ryder is an Experienced and Licensed Parenting Practitioner & Trainer for various Third-Party Course Offerings in addition to those authored by herself.

Tuning-In-To-Kids & Teens (Emotionally-Intelligent Parenting)

Two NEW! evidence-based parenting courses which have come out of research by the University of Melbourne. Both courses run over 6 x 2 hour sessions. These give parents the skills to become an Emotion Coach to their children. Children will learn to manage their own Emotions.

Special Children - Special Parents (Special Needs)

Helen Ryder is a co-author of  this 10-session course for parents or carers of children with different abilities (disabilities).

Grow-Brain (Babies & Toddlers)

95% increase in parental understanding of brain development following this course. This course is delivered over 4 x 1 - 2 hour sessions.


This is a multi-level family intervention and parenting support strategy designed to reduce the prevalence of behavioural an emotional problems in children and adolescents.It is delivered over 10 sessions and requires some work with the parent in the home.

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